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Headphones Can Easily Damage Your Hearing Permanently

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Last month we told you how hearing loss is on the rise. One of the reasons for this is because of noise-induced hearing loss. Headphones and especially earbuds are used much more now than ever and when the music or entertainment you play using headphones is too loud, it can cause permanent damage to your hearing. Today, we have some information to help you ensure that you won’t look back on your time spent using headphones with regret.

Why Loud Headphones Can Damage Your Hearing

Tricia Ashby, the Director of Audiology at the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) explains, “Noise exposure is a common cause of hearing loss”. Noise-induced hearing loss isn’t only caused by listening to headphones but as it becomes a more common practice, it is a growing concern. Loud noise causes the fluid in your inner ear to move and that can damage the hair cells that help you hear by sending signals to the brain. You may not recognize hearing damage right away because hearing loss is often a gradual process; in addition to that the exposure is cumulative. Which means that the more often you are exposed to loud noises, the more of an impact it has on your hearing.

How Loud is Too Loud?

None of this means that you can’t listen to music through headphones, it just means you have to keep the volume down and limit the time you spend using headphones. The World Health Organization recommends limiting headphone time to one hour per day and keep the volume around 60%, or 60 decibels. It is also important to recognize the headphones are not all bad for your hearing health. In fact, according to Kathleen Campbell, professor at Southern Illinois School of Medicine who specializes in audiology explains how over-ear or noise-canceling headphones are the best choice because they encourage people to listen at a lower volume. Think about your future the next time you decide to turn up the volume on your headphones, it could mean losing the ability to hear through them in the future.

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