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(866) 604-8057

Save $1000 off** a pair of Ultimate Hearing Aids

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Approximately 48 million Americans suffer from Hearing Loss.1

Hearing loss is the third most common health problem in the U.S. today,1 and affects people of all ages. It can greatly decrease your quality of life. More than affecting one’s hearing, studies have linked untreated hearing loss to depression, fatigue, social withdrawal and impaired memory.2

We would like to offer you or a loved one a complimentary hearing assessment* that includes:

  • An audiogram; an initial measure of your hearing ability
  • Examination of your ear canal (as earwax buildup can cause hearing loss)
  • Should you have hearing loss, you will get to try the latest digital hearing aids

The professionals at Hearing Help Associates have a solution.

Enjoy hearing aids that are fully customizable and virtually invisible.

Depending on your kind of loss and the needs of your individual lifestyle, you can choose from many styles, colors and features.

Make a no-obligation appointment to try the various styles, so you can experience the difference for yourself.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Often ask people to repeat what they say or think they are mumbling?

Have trouble hearing in groups?

Fail to hear someone talking from behind you?

Have ringing in your ears?

Have a hard time hearing at the movies?

Avoid noisy parties and restaurants?